Best Home 3D Experience – On Sale Thanksgiving Weekend!

3D-Bee Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

This Thanksgiving VEFXi is lowering 3D-Bee prices to just $199; the lowest sale price yet! Now is your chance to get the industry’s best 2D to 3D converter with pop-out up to several feet in front of your screen at a very affordable price. Use the 3D-Bee Diamond with 3D capable TVs and projectors streaming in realtime all your 2D content including, sports, TV, satellite, video games, home videos and more! Now is your chance to get what critics and customers alike are calling the best 2D to 3D realtime video converter by far. If you have a 3D TV or 3D projector, you need a 3D-Bee.

This sale will last from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday (11/27/2014-12/01/2014) or while supplies last. Mark your calendars. Shop from home this holiday season to bring your family the best 3D home experience. Get yours now!

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Get Your 3D On This Christmas – Sale

Hopping sales are happening now so you can get your 3D on this Christmas. Now’s the best time of year to save on 2D to 3D converters by VEFXi. 3D-Bees are now only $275. Get yours while supplies last. These savings won’t last long. Sale ends Dec. 24, 2013.

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It’s Sale Time: Black Friday Prices!

Black Friday Sales on 2D-3D video converters

Black Friday sale prices will be here before you can finish your pie. Now is the best time of year to get the highest quality 2D to 3D video converter so you can enjoy all your movies in 3D, all your favorite shows and play all your video games in 3D. Enjoy 3D that is incomparable to those converters built into. Spend this holiday season with family watching your favorite movies that aren’t available in 3D elsewhere.

At a low price of $249, you can revamp your entire movie and video game collection into 3D. Get your 3D-Bee Friday Nov 29 – Monday Dec 2, your best source for 3D!

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Back to School with the 3D-Bee – ON SALE NOW

Seeing that 3D video and imagery increases lesson retention and augments education in the classroom, you can’t afford to not have a 3D-Bee to convert everything into 3D for your kids. Use it to convert your entertainment and learning materials as well as anything online. That’s right, the 3D-Bee converts everything into 3D from your home made movies, to all your DVD, Blu-rays, cable/satellite to anything you can find online including educational materials and Netflix.

With back-to-school season here, now is your time to get the 3D-Bee on sale at a low price of $299, regularly $349. Use it with any 3D TV or 3D projector and watch everything in 3D. Buy today, this sale won’t last long!

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3D News | 3D for Better Education with the 3D-Bee

As 3D gains popularity and prolificacy, scientific studies continue to find 3D imagery and 3D video usage in the classroom to have a greater effect on positive learning and lesson retention than regular 2D lessons. Just swapping out the traditional classroom projector with a 3D-ready model proved impressive results. The Abbey School in Reading, UK reported students’ 70% higher retention rate of lesson content. Another study found that 84% of students agreed or agreed strongly that 3D had improved their learning.

Studies have found the greatest effect on learning happens with materials displayed on the deepest 3D, significant popout effect and the most animated. Teachers watch as over a third of the class reach out or use body mirroring with the 3D.

3D imagery has a positive effect on learning and lesson retention in the classroom or out. As you’re sending your kids back to school this fall bring home a 3D-Bee to continue their learning at home. Enjoy the 3D-Bee for entertainment purposes and to enhance educational materials.


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3D News | Christmas in July Giveaway and Sale!

Christmas in July, free giveaway and sale!

Here in Portland, OR, USA the signs of summer are all around. Folks are garbbed in short cuts, flip flops and shades; you may even spot an occasional bikini top. But for our friends down under and anywhere south of the tropics it’s the dead of winter. If you’re living out winter right now and enjoy the traditions of the northern hemisphere for celebrating Christmas in the winter, we’ve got an event for you — Christmas in July!

For this month we’ve got a sale and a FREE 3D-Bee 2D to 3D converter giveaway happening.

July 16 will be your chance to get the 3D-Bee for only $249! That’s just in time for the All-stars game.

Want to try your luck for our free 3D-Bee converter giveaway? Like/Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then post an update tagging us and mention that you’re entering our contest for a free 3D-Bee converter. From the pool of people that have followed us and mentioned our giveaway while tagging us, we will draw a name on July 31 for the winner.

So find us on Facebook at or our product page, Then find us on Twitter at @vefxi or @3dBee. We look forward to adding your name to the drawing pot!

We could either limit this to the continental US (and have shipping covered) or just agree that anywhere outside the continental US you will have to pay for your shipping.

Merry Christmas in July!

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3D News: Father’s Day Sale on the VEFXi 3D-Bee

3D-Bee Father's Day SasleWhat to get the father who’s got it all, or your sports mega fan, or the movie buff, the 3D-Bee! Bring the 3D theater experience home this Father’s Day. With the highest quality 3D available to the general consumer, you’ll enjoy watching 3D at home.

Moreover, make all your video games come to life in awesome 3D, get the family together and watch all your favorite shows and channels in 3D. Broaden your 3D horizons and start taking advantage of the 3D TV you’ve got.

In celebration of Father’s Day we’re offering the 3D-Bee Diamond for only $299 online. This steal of a sale will last from June 9 though June 16 so act fast to get the father in your life a new 3D experience. 3D TV or 3D projector required.

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3D News | March Madness: It’s Better in 3D

March Maddness 3D sale

It might not be humanly possible to actually travel to every NCAA game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit courtside from your couch. Watch every dunk, alley-oop, and buzzer beater in glorious 3D and make March truly mad with the 3D-Bee™ Diamond 2D to 3D converter from VEFXi on sale during March Madness for only $349, March 19th through April 8th on our online retail store.


Your team won’t always get the home court advantage so make your living room the official home court for March Madness this year. Using the Hornet Depth Engine™, the 3D-Bee is the world’s fastest, highest quality, real-time 3D converter and renders backgrounds and foregrounds continuously deeper than built in 3D converters. With 11 unique depth magnitude settings that can be mixed and matched with 11 different setting for pop-out you can highly customize your 3D experience, transforming your 3D TV into courtside tickets for every bracket upset. Feel like you are at every game, minus having to pick out popcorn from your shoes.

Compatible with all 3D TVs and 3D projectors, HDMI-ready for cable/satellite set-top boxes, video game consoles, DVD players, computers and more, the 3D-Bee Diamond can deliver everything entertainment in 3D, instantly, including one epic month of basketball! Whichever system you use, the 3D-Bee is the best way to watch all 63 games on the road to finding our NCAA basketball champions. March Madness, it’s better in 3D!


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3D News | VEFXi Begins Delivery of DiamondBlade™ 3D Conversion Suite to China

VEFXi DiamondBlade 3D Conversion Suite

VEFXi™ Corporation, a leader in 2D to 3D conversion products, brings efficient 2D to 3D post-production solutions to Asia movie and advertising studios with their software/hardware system, the DiamondBlade™ 3D Conversion Suite™. Hong Kong based Marvel Digital Ltd. is the first company to receive the system.

The installation of the DiamondBlade 3D Conversion Suite for Marvel Digital marks a step in VEFXi’s global reach which began in Hollywood, California. Craig Peterson, CEO & founder of VEFXi Corporation stated, “We’ re really excited to bring highly productive 3D content creation to support China’s 3D market demand.” He continued, “Based on customer feedback, we see the use of the DiamondBlade as a standard 3D conversion platform rapidly expanding across China.”VEFXi DiamondBlade Screenshot

VEFXi’s DiamondBlade 3D Conversion Suite dramatically increases productivity and efficiency of 3D post-production and conversion workflow for agencies working with 3D content creation, 2D to 3D conversion for movies, broadcast, 3D advertising and more. What used to take a week or more, an artist can now do in an hour.

Marvel Digital Ltd. will be utilizing the Diamondblade 3D Conversion Suite to do 2D to 3D conversions for both current and legacy films. “We have built an entire production team and workflow around the DiamondBlade system that will allow us to offer better 3D conversion to our customers at a higher quality, quicker delivery and a reduced price than they are accustomed to,” said Dr. Herbert Lee, CEO of Marvel Digital Ltd. “The DiamondBlade gives us a distinct advantage in all of these areas.”

Learn more about the DiamondBlade 3D Conversion Suite

View this press release as a .pdf

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3D News | 3D-Bee Diamond Sale, Only $299

Tomb Raider Release 3D-Bee SaleWith the release of the the new Tomb Raider imminent, VEFXi will host a one-day-only sale for the 3D-Bee Diamond, 2D to 3D converter, for just $299 on March 5th, 2013 (PST)! This is a killer deal with savings of $200! The 3D-Bee Diamond is meant for hardcore gamers and 3D enthusiasts. Perfect for games like the Tomb Raider revamp. Take advantage of this sale to play all your video games in high quality 3D with no lag time. Buy it now!

Stemming from creators of epic games like Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix, Tomb Raider is presented in an expansive world of gorgeous viewpoints, startling jungle combat and a bit of romping through the underground. The visuals are amazing and the world seems never ending. Vistas in the game lend themselves perfectly to the 3D format creating supernatural environments with in-your-face, out-of-the-TV visuals. Using some of the coolest camera angles invented, gamers often find themselves sliding down mountains or being chased by crashing planes with the world or exploding objects flying through the screen. 

The 3D-Bee Diamond has 11 unique depth and pop-out features, allowing players to customize how intense the gaming experience is. It comes with 6 preset modes making it incredibly easy to set up, but versatile enough to handle any type of game-play. The 3D-Bee is compatible with any 3D capable TV, computer or projection system and is perfect for movies,TV shows and PC games. 
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