3D News | VEFXi Joins the International 3D Society on the Red Carpet & Board of Governors

International 3D Society board members VEFXi CorporationIn late 2012 VEFXi Corporation, a leader in 2D to 3D conversion products and software was invited to join the International 3D Society (I3DS).  VEFXi’s founder and CEO, Craig Peterson, now sits on the society’s board of governors beside Grant Anderson of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ron Geller of Dolby Laboratories, Bob Whitehill of PIXAR amongst others. In February 2013, part of the VEFXi team attended the fourth annual 3D Creative Arts Awards Ceremony hosted by the I3DS in Beverly Hills, CA.

“We’re very excited and proud to be serving alongside the likes of such influential colleagues and look forward to playing an even more prominent role in the industry,” said Craig Peterson. VEFXi’s ambition and current successes of disrupting the 3D industry with breakthrough products and software correlate with the International 3D Society’s goals to advance the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D content.

Although the society deals primarily with those professionals dealing with stereoscopic 3D, VEFXi has game changing products coming down the pipeline involving auto-stereoscopic 3D (glasses-free 3D) and was interviewed at the awards show about the glasses-free 3D LED walls that VEFXi is working on. Check out the video below to see the interview.

Link to a .pdf press release version of this blog.

VEFXi Auto-stereo Interview at I3DS Creative Arts Awards

VEFXi Attends International 3D Society Creative Arts Awards

VEFXi VP Design & Marketing Pamela Peterson with Life of Pi Director Ang Lee

Congratulations Ang Lee on so many awards, successes and awesome movies!

VEFXi VP Biz Dev, Rich Smith at I3DS Creative Arts Awards


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