• Highly customizable 3D
  • No lag, perfect for gaming
  • Resolution fidelity, no downscaling
  • Convert everything into 3D, home videos too
  • 3D TV, 3D projector or 3D computer required

Price $199.00

3D-Bee Diamond

Watch everything in the highest quality, realtime 3D available, customizable to your viewing preferences.

Take advantage of your 3D TV or 3D projector; with the 3D-Bee™. Watch all your 2D DVDs and Blu-rays, Netflix, cable and satellite, and all video games in instant 3D with no lag time! Enjoy quality 3D comparable to what you see in movie theaters yet customizable to your viewing preferences.

At VEFXi, we've kicked the standards up a notch. The 3D-Bee Diamond is better than ever. Running on the new and improved Hornet Depth Engine™ you'll find quality unbeatable by any other consumer level 2D to 3D converter out there.

The 3D-Bee has been discontinued and is being sold at an unbeatable closeout price of $199, as-is.

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720p or 1080p 3D TVs or 3D projectors that support side-by-side 3D format and 3D projectors that support 120Hz frame-sequential 3D format at 720p.

Download the 3D-Bee Diamond User Manual
Read the 3D-Bee Converter Spec Sheet