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"I have seen many, if not all 2d-3d conversions, and felt as though it was only 2d pushed back into the television set. when I first saw your diamond videos my television looked like it was 3 feet closer and I nearly went cross eyed, the 3d-effect was simply put "out of this world" I will be purchasing one in the near future."
Satisfied Customer

"I am happy to say that I have the 3D Bee Diamond unit and I love works perfectly."
Recent Satisfied Customer

"One of the more dramatic demos on the floor of CEDIA Expo came from the VEFXi booth."
Greg Tarr
Editor @ TWICE

"Saw your demo over at Tao Creative's offices and I'm blown away. Being a technical person who has been following 3D, you have something that is very special. On the creative production end, its amazing and could change the playing field for 3D film production (esp for the indy players)."
Carlton H.
Demo Recipient

"The 3D-Bee Trainer [now called Platinum] is one of the best 3D I've ever seen. This doesn't even compare to the 3D that is built in the TV with the converter."
Satisfied Customer

"Watched all 4 football games with it this weekend... I'm suitably impressed... The 3D produced by this for football is actually "better" than the 3D from the native ESPN 3D channel... Using z-, it produces very similar "depth" to the native 3D feed... However, there's something cool in the 3D-Bee algorithm that makes it so that text doesn't ghost... nifty... Almost NO ghosting, which compares very favorably to the native feed...Even with the "3D brightness" option cranked up all the way in the pj, the ghosting stays away...
I'm glad I bought this... It does what it says it will do, it was ridiculously easy to set up, and is a good bang for the buck..."
Satisfied Customer

"My initial experiences... Blown away. This is far better than what you get from "converters" built in to a TV set you may pick up at the store. ...This thing ROCKS...I cannot tell you how many films in my library I now want to dig out and enjoy in 3D! That said, if there was EVER a movie that was almost DESIGNED for 3D presentation, this has got to be Lord of the Rings. The scenes where Gandalf rides into the City of the Kings, or where the warning fires are lit, are STAGGERINGLY impressive on the 3D Bee."
Satisfied Customer

"I was pretty impressed. The conversion on Motorstorm was really good and damn close to the native 3D. It even got the water splashes on the "camera" effect right."
Josh Z.

"I own Monoprice box and 3D-Bee. The 3D-Bee is definitely much better cleaner and more natural 3D than Monoprice."
Philip H.
Satisfied Customer

"I am French, I have one 3D - Bee since October, 2011. I am very happy of my 3D - Bee. My movies are converted in 3D magnificently. I advise(recommend) this product. Still thanks to VEFXI and good continuation."
David P.
Satisfied Customer Franšais

"It's amazing we get such good performance on the fly vs lengthy & costly studio conversions."
Satisfied Customer

"First, the company is amazing and very helpful and I have to admit using this device is amazing! Both for movies and gaming. I tried this on "Legends of the Guardians" I have the 3D set (which comes with 3D and standard 2D BR). Watched the 3D version and then used the trainer [now called Platinum] on 2D and wow. Was amazing, almost identical. I saw the new Starwars Blu Ray on this device and it was astonishing on my Mits 73"."
Satisfied Customer

"Just wanted to thank you for my 3d-bee. I love my new toy and have found it to have added endless amounts of 3d content for my library. I just want to recommend the new blu-ray Star wars movies and Sucker Punch on Bluray. Both look phenomenal with the 3-D Bee. Also on the list is the PS3 and Little Big planet 2 which also looks great in 3d. I love my 3d-bee and am putting it through its paces trying everything I can think of."
James C.
Satisfied Customer

"If you were here, you could check out the Penguins playing around in a winter wonderland that's giving us goosebumps because it looks so 3D-good...We can hear the choir saying "Amen" already."
Marshal Rosenthal

"One of the most spectacular companies was tucked away in the back near the staging area. Called 3D Bee, the company has figured out how to take any 2D video and put it in 3D, either on a TV or via projector. They took this writer's camera, a normal Canon HD camcorder, and put it into live, stunning 3D. This company will be acquired in less than two months (if they haven't been already)."

Take our word that this is some seriously impressive stuff!
Jacob Schulman

"This is the best 3D I have ever seen including our own true 3D broadcast!"
Broadcasting Exec
CES 2011